by The Synthetic Army

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The Synthetic Army's Debut Album 'Incandescent'


released September 12, 2014

Nathaniel Astudillo – Lead vocals
Jonah Blaser – Drums, percussion, backing vocals
Brandon Gratch – Rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Alex Karapetyan – Bass, backing/unclean vocals
Jacob Peng – Lead guitar, lead vocals (Tracks 4, 12, & 13), backing vocals, keyboard

Additional backing vocals by Robyn Thomson on Tracks 3 and 5

All songs produced by Eric Jones and The Synthetic Army

All songs mixed and mastered by Eric Jones

All artwork by Karissa Tam

All photography by Tim Hill

All lyrics & music written by Jacob Peng EXCEPT:

“Run Away” – lyrics by Jacob Peng, Nathaniel Astudillo, Raunak Gera, and Danny Markhevka; music by Jacob Peng

“Hello Again” – lyrics and music by Nathaniel Astudillo and Danny Markhevka

“Oceans Apart” – lyrics and music by Nathaniel Astudillo and Raunak Gera

“Pieces” – lyrics by Jacob Peng; music by Jacob Peng & Alex Karapetyan

Special thanks to Eric Jones for losing sleep night after night for us; Tim Hill for getting our good sides in every shot he took; Karissa Tam for taking the pictures we saw in our heads and bringing them to life; our friends and family for all of their continuous, unconditional love and support; and to you, for holding this album in your hands and making it all possible.

Released September 12th, 2014
Copyright© 2014



all rights reserved


The Synthetic Army Toronto, Ontario

Alternative Rock Band from Richmondhill, ON

We promote the spread of awesome in music and in life!

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Track Name: Run Away
Hold on a moment, love
Our story’s just begun
I’m leaving here, I’m done with this town
Just promise me you’ll come
Adventure waits
Just feel in in the air
And the sky looks so beautiful out there
Out there

Drifting through our lives, passing through the stars
Rolling green hills and getting drunk at bars
These times are coming and it’s going to be great
So just take my hand and we’ll get this straight ‘cause

(I know) You’ve been hurting
(I know) You’ve been feeling down
(Let’s go) Our fantasy is waiting
The lights are fading
Let’s write this story now

So run away with me, we can be everything, you’ll see
With our heads held high beneath this star-lit sky
Don’t you dare look back tonight
Forget your inhibition, with my keys in the ignition
We’ll do more than make do, we’ll make it through
Just me and you

Setting off fireworks, lighting up the night
The life in your eyes is burning so bright
Forget about the pain and the reasons you should stay
So just climb down here and we’ll be on our way
Track Name: Caregiver
A word, caregiver, if you’d be so kind
I simply can’t stand these thoughts I’ve confined
They’re violent and bold and my mind is aflame
No less dire by any other name

A thought, caregiver, if it suits you well
How do I break free of an internal hell?
And how does one say what still needs to be said
To the monsters that live inside of my head?

A prayer, caregiver, to the ones who have passed
To the ones who lived too hard; too fast
They left their sorrow and heartache and grief
To dangle their feet beneath the trees

It’s okay, tell me it’s okay
It’s okay, say it’s okay

A touch, caregiver, to the brave and the scarred
Who had seen too much beneath the stars
They’ve been left for the ravens and vultures and crows
When their blood had blurred their friends and their foes

A kiss, caregiver, though it’s much too late
The boy sits in the corner, alone and afraid
He needed his mother or father or friends
But now, he’s gone; he left; he went
Track Name: Lights Out
You wouldn’t be the first to turn away
The coarseness of my touch; my heart; my face
But when you’re standing with your hand right next to mine
The city skyline never seemed quite more sublime

Here we are, with the lights out
Much too far beyond a doubt
And as I wonder, where do I begin?
Your hand finds mine and I let you in

Why can’t I get these words out right?
They’re mocking me and filling me with this senseless fright
My thoughts are jumbled up; I just can’t win this game
My tongue is tied in knots and you’re to blame
Track Name: Stars
What are you doing, up so late?
Just think, "What would mom say?"
You caught me red-handed with my foot out the door
There’s no use in lying anyway

But don’t pretend you didn’t see it coming
That night dad walked away
We needed him to put down his bottle
But he couldn’t be bothered to stay

Don’t you see? I have to go
This house never seemed to austere
I’ve been doing some thinking ‘bout the order of things
There’s just too many ghosts for me here

So don’t you dare search for me
Though the sleepless nights get so hard
Emily, if you’re ever feeling lonely
Look for me in the stars
Track Name: Hello Again
I feel the world is changing, but not changing fast enough, oh
Hearing the words you’re saying, am I just not good enough for you?
And no matter what cards you’re playing, you’re still gonna leave me jaded
But as this time keeps racing I’m not ready for losing you

And so I say, hello, hello, hello again
Hello, hello, hello, my friend
And as you’re drifting by me
It’s that same smile that makes me
Makes me want to say
Hello, hello, hello again

I’d sing the saddest song, I’d even let you sing along
If only if you told me that you loved me, too
And I’d still wait for you, yeah I’d still wait for you
Track Name: Oceans Apart
On a ship, in the ocean
Catching up to your
As we go, through the swells
You’re pulling ahead

I feel like you are accelerating, beyond what I can reach
Maybe I should, pass you by this time
Let it just float on by
Should I put on some speed?

We are crashing through what we know and where we’re going
Should I tell you how I feel?
When we go through what we don’t know anymore
Crashing through the open door
Over the seas and over the swells and the walls are so tall
Down into hell we fall; over the edge of the earth we call
And I think that you are maybe not the one for me

Turning point; here we go
Down the winds’ call, sun is shining brightly through
And I know it is time for me to turn back, head away
Perhaps we were never meant to be

I know, that I’ll go breaking through
Breaking through the breaking through
Breaking through the things that hold
Crash on through the past
Sinking me, do what we do
Picture time, so come here quickly
I don’t care where we’re going now
As long as we’re together
Oh, my love
Crash on through the things we used to know
Track Name: Pieces
Scream a little louder, I need to know how much you mean it
Take what you take, but spare me your false demeanor
Tell me how it felt, how the drink took over
Say it was my fault, how I wasn’t there

But I was the one who was left
(To pick up all your pieces)
Darling, did you think of all the wasted tears
Shed over the crackle of your voice on the phone?
Now I’m leaving you all on your own

Look at me when I’m talking to you
Your beauty was always your worst taboo
Do you think it’s something that you said?
Your eyes betray; they won’t let you forget
Track Name: Rain
It’s been a while since I last heard your voice
Have you forgotten my address?
It’s a little embarrassing, to say the least
That I could care less

I can see the playful curve of your lips
You smug, cocky little fuck
Don’t you think for a second that you’ve won
I’ve moved on, I swear, I’m just a little stuck

(Come home)
Oh, won’t you come home, darling
It’s not the same without you
You made the sunlight come out
Now only rain remains

Maybe it’s true what they say about the absence
My heart grows fonder every day
But I don’t know if I forgive you just yet
For leaving me to chase your runaway
Track Name: Our Happy Ending
You sit there so smug with your blank stare
Your cheap smile, so lost in your affairs
A shift of your eyes in the cold air
I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care

How did we end up so broken?
Chained down by words left unspoken
Is this what you meant, when you promised?
How could you be so dishonest?

And now it’s time to wave goodbye to our happy ending
‘Cause I won’t deny your lying eyes were so condescending
Don’t try to tell me it’ll all be alright
I’m so goddamn sick of all these cold winter nights
‘Cause I won’t say goodbye

Time’s up! My eyes are wide open
Completely devoid of emotion
I’m waiting for some sort of omen
My sweet nothing, fractured and broken

Is that it? A glance in my direction
I can’t bear your flawless imperfection
It’s your turn to break down and miss me
‘Cause I’m done with you being my best dream

I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care
Track Name: Chicago
Is this the end? Is this the best that we can do?
Then again, what good ever came from loving you?
I know it’s hard right now, the wound’s so raw and fresh
Am I the only one who yearns for your caress?

But what cold comfort could you ever bring?
A shred of substance meaning anything
How could I ever let you get inside?
A face so beautiful and falsified

But Chicago at nighttime is beautiful, too
The skyline down lakeshore reminds me of you
I breathe it all in as I breathe you all out
You won’t taint this new state of mind that I’ve found

Oh, you had me eating right out of your palm
Didn’t think I’d notice that the good times were all gone
But you were the only one anomaly
That I’d ever trusted with the darkest parts of me
Track Name: Leave The Light On
You haven’t been home for a while and I can’t really blame you
I’m sure that you’ve been wondering if anything has changed
Because the problem wasn’t you, and if it was, then I’ll move past it
Accept that things aren’t perfect and move on

But darling, don’t give in, though they whisper all around you
These voices, how they try to tear you down
I will be here waiting; of that you can be sure
So won’t you please just turn around?

Because I will leave the light on in our room
Because I expect you to be home soon
And though I never did see you open up your arms to me
I see your face illuminated clearly

At night I lie awake and try to count the stars
And I wonder if you look and do the same
Because I never really learned how not to be in love with you
I imagine it would feel just like the rain
Track Name: Greater Expectations
These are the words, the song I could never write
I know it’s not much but I just had to get them off of my mind
It’s getting dark and it’s almost time for me to go
I just couldn’t leave without at least a peace of mind to show

You were the in-betweener, I was your hopeless dreamer
In fantastic delusions, we got to faking a Shakespearean tragedy in the making
And we knew all along, we were doomed to sing our final song
So sooner than later, it stopped mattering who was wrong

Through these hollow promises and empty sensations
These forced smiles and greater expectations
And though it might not make a difference, hear my one last scream
‘Cause I want to tell you, you mattered to me

You’ve got your beautiful boy now; I’ve got my abandoned vows
How dare you accuse me when it was you who broke us down?
But that’s how we fell apart: the systematic disregard
The apathetic ignorance, who were we to blame the stars?